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Thomas Hamilton: HELL. YES.


 Jd Korejko: I think for a first trailer, it looks a lot like BUCKY THE MOVIE. But nothing in the trailer really spoke to me other than Stark’s “So Was I”

That hit me, hard. But otherwise it’s “Hey, here’s more Marvel stuff that you love” so I’m in.

 Tom Moore III: Awesome in every way that something can be awesome.

 Thomas Hamilton: If Apocalypse is Godfather III, This might be part I.

 R-Son: Stop.

Thomas Hamilton: With the Dark Knight being part 2, that is.

R-Son: I hate the Godfather so…

Thomas Hamilton: What?

 Tom Moore III: Can I just add that I am so relieved to have cool black heroes? Like, the Falcon is pretty lame.

Thomas Hamilton: What?

Jd Korejko: Lol

Tom Moore III: The Falcon is lame.


R-Son: No he’s not!

Jd Korejko: I’m stoked as hell for Black Panther.

Tom Moore III: I’m going into a life or death battle, I don’t want the Falcon. Yay. He can fly. He got beat by Ant-Man.

Jd Korejko: Ooooooo snap.

 Thomas Hamilton: The character isn’t typically good, but Anthony Mackie is doing a great job.

 Tom Moore III: He was lame in the comics. Name one great Falcon moment in a comic.

I like Mackie. But he’s just Caps pal.

 R-Son: Falcon saves the world. Cap, volume 36 or whatever, issue 24

 Tom Moore III: War Machine has more potential. But Black panther is something completely different.

 R-Son: Black Panther looks epic.


Thomas Hamilton: Also, I would argue that besides Civil War, Cap is a bit lacking in that department too.

 Tom Moore III: No, Cap has established himself as the guy who hands out beatings


R-Son: Cap is lacking in what department?

Thomas Hamilton: His story lines were never amazing in the comics, at least not to me.

 R-Son: WHAT? Really? That blows my mind

 Thomas Hamilton: I’m not saying he doesn’t have any, I just don’t think he has a lot.

 Jd Korejko: Sorry, I was never a Cap guy either. Or an Avengers guy, really, until Bendis came along. I’m a heathen, I know

 Tom Moore III: What? Cap is amazing.

 Jd Korejko: Yeah! That time he was a …..wolf…! I have grown to appreciate him though.



We don’t talk about Capwolf.

Thomas Hamilton: Cap is a great character, not many compelling story lines. Sorry.

 Tom Moore III: I knew you would bring up Capwolf. But around that time was the whole John Walker storyline which was old school gold.

 Jd Korejko: Oh man! John Walker! That story was the STUFF. I forgot about that. The story, the art. That was awesome.


Image thanks to whennerdscollide.net