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Tom Moore III: Staying with Fox…

Jd Korejko: Ohhhhh. This one. Hmmm.

R-Son the Voice of Reason: Apocalypse looks great!

Jd Korejko: I want to be excited for this.

Tom Moore III: Umm.

R-Son the Voice of Reason: The part when he’s a giant? COOL!

Tom Moore III: The best bit.

Jd Korejko: I wasn’t as into the last one either. It had some great stuff, but I feel like these movies are delivering diminishing returns for me. And showing bald Prof X at the end? That’s the big dramatic reveal?

I do love that we worked in a whole new cast to take over for the older actors though, I love resets like that.

Tom Moore III: Days of Future Past was only good because it erased the plot of X3. I have never seen a superhero movie without a feel good moment.

Jd Korejko: Yeah! That was the biggest moment for me. Not to say that the movie was BAD. It was just fine.

Tom Moore III: Apocalypse feels all wrong. He looks better than the Power Ranger villain we saw in the still photos, but this is not the guy that Walt Simonson designed.

R-Son the Voice of Reason: I’ve seen every X movie and I still say the biggest flaw was the Darwin death.

Jd Korejko: I’m holding off judgement of his look until I see how he looks in the final film.

R-Son the Voice of Reason: Been waiting for him to show up again.

Jd Korejko: Darwin’s death MADE NO SENSE. lol

R-Son the Voice of Reason: Yes it did….black dude…

Jd Korejko: Hey, this guy adapts to EVERYTHING except, I guess this one thing, because….reasons.”

“because ….black.”

R-Son the Voice of Reason: Yep!

Tom Moore III: (I forgot completely about First Class)

Jd Korejko: Yeah, it’s getting to the point that they are pumping out so many X films that they are getting jumbled in my brain-meats.

Tom Moore III: I was trying to purge my mind from January Jones and Zoe Kravitz stinking up Michael Fassbender’s film

Jd Korejko: First Class was probably my favorite, next to X2

Tom Moore III: This is the Godfather III of superhero movies.

R-Son the Voice of Reason: The thing I liked about the X movies is that the weren’t trying to do exact stories.

Jd Korejko: Awwww man. Jan Jones. Yikes. What a mess.

R-Son the Voice of Reason: Who was she?

Jd Korejko: She was Emma Frost.

Do you think other superhero films are trying to do exact stories? (Besides Watchmen, and the like?)

Tom Moore III: I think the best films capture the spirit of the comic, like Hellboy. There is so much time between each panel and page in a comic, I don’t think the story can translate to other mediums if you do it in a slavish way.

Jd Korejko: I think that’s the best way to do it. Capture the spirit. But that seems to be what is most upsetting to the fanboy crowds. “Aw man they changed XY and Z about that story I ready 20 years ago! That’s not right!”

R-Son the Voice of Reason: I think the MCU is trying enough. And at the same time trying to make EVERYTHING into a commercial for the movies

Tom Moore III: I think fans are scared. It’s not always changing the story, it’s about respecting the original property, and changes could potentially be an indication that the studio doesn’t care. I know why they freak out.

Jd Korejko: Oh, I know WHY. I just don’t approve. And if the studio captures the spirit of the thing than changing the story doesn’t bother me.

Tom Moore III: You do tend to make the movie in your head. Like my version of Apocalypse is so overwhelming no one would think of attacking him, as opposed to this blue guy they have now. Oscar Issac is a good actor though.


No, actually I described the comic book version pretty well. The little guy? That’s THOR.

R-Son the Voice of Reason: So when DIDN’T the spirit get captured?

Tom Moore III: Pretty much anything with Alan Moore’s name on it, lol

R-Son the Voice of Reason: Bull! Watchmen was nailed!

Jd Korejko: How about THE SPIRIT? The spirit of The Spirit, lol.

Tom Moore III: Oh God, The Spirit.

Thomas Hamilton: The Spirit was the one movie Tom and I agreed was trash.

Jd Korejko: I don’t know, I liked Watchmen a lot. Not so much, LXG though

Tom Moore III: From Hell? Yikes.

Thomas Hamilton: Eh … LXG was worse than that. I also hated Watchmen.

R-Son the Voice of Reason: The more you mess with his stuff the better as far as I’m concerned. Fuck Alan Moore

Tom Moore III: What?

Thomas Hamilton: This might get hate, bit I thought V for Vendetta wasn’t that bad.

Tom Moore III: I saw it in the theater and walked out.

Jd Korejko: Alan Moore doesn’t like movies of his stuff because they need more rape.

R-Son the Voice of Reason: I liked V

Jd Korejko: Oh I loved V too

Tom Moore III: Oh God, the rape thing.

R-Son the Voice of Reason: Alan Moore can eat a bag of moose dicks…

Jd Korejko: That’s my reaction to Alan Moore as well. “Oh God, The Rape Thing”

Thomas Hamilton: Didn’t Tom sawyer get raped in LXG? The comic I mean. On some Oz shit, if I recall.

Tom Moore III: Where would one get a bag of – Randy what do you have against Alan Moore?

@Tom, Tom Sawyer wasn’t in the comic, they added an American because they thought no one would root for a British team.

R-Son the Voice of Reason: I think he’s overrated as fuck and a tremendous douchebag.

Tom Moore III: Invisible man got raped by Mr. Hyde. Rape has come up a few times in Moore’s oeuvre, but it’s always handled pretty well.

Thomas Hamilton: Pretty sure someone got raped in something. That’s just how he gets down.

Tom Moore III: Well that conversation took a turn.