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Tom Moore III: Let’s start with something easy. Deadpool.

Out of all the properties Fox has screwed up, THIS is the thing they seem to get right. A couple of the trailers have hinted at a little bit of heart too, which keeps Deadpool from being tedious.

R-Son: It’s not easy to screw up. Deadpool makes bad jokes and shoots/stabs stuff. The end

Tom Moore III: They screwed up the Punisher though. Its Fox.

Jd Korejko: They screwed up the Punisher SEVERAL times.

I think Deadpool looks pretty fun, and I’m not even a Deadpool guy. I usually find his character to be annoying

R-Son: Punisher wasn’t bad. The Thomas Jane one was close enough to Welcome Back, Frank to be good.

The rest, eh.

Tom Moore III (at Jd): Same here. And they’re redeeming Ryan Reynolds. Extra points for the Green Lantern joke.

(at Randy) I have a soft spot for War Zone, it’s the only one that delivered on the action and the character.

Jd Korejko: There was solid stuff in the last two Punisher movies…if you took them both and smoothed them together, you’d have one good one.

Tom Moore III: I can see that. Ray Stevenson was perfect.

Jd Korejko: Aw see, I think the Green Lantern joke fell flat, but I do like that he’s making jokes that break the fourth wall!

Yeah, Ray Stevenson was in his own movie, that sadly, none of the other actors showed up for.

R-Son: I still say GL wasn’t as bad as everyone else thought.

Jd Korejko: GL had its moments. But again, not enough of them.

Tom Moore III: I can think of a better way to spend 300 million.

Jd Korejko: lol, RIGHT?

R-Son: They just went too far too fast.

Tom Moore III: Good point. Had they built to the wars, and then maybe Black Lanterns-

Jd Korejko: And a giant yellow fart cloud as the enemy didn’t really work as well as they hoped.

But Ryan Reynolds I thought made a perfect Hal Jordan, just as he’s a perfect Wade Wilson.

R-Son: Make it a Hector Hammond/fall of Sinestro movie and it works.

Tom Moore III: Ryan Reynolds keeps getting wasted.

Jd Korejko: I don’t think Reynolds is ever the problem, in any of the bad films he’s been in.


R-Son: That’s for sure

Tom Moore III: Randy is right too. And I agree, I think they use Ryan to bail out a sinking movie and not vice versa.