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Under heavy fire, Nightshade, Speedy and June Moone bail out of Sheba.


Uzis versus a bow and arrow. Hmmm. Better work fast ladies. Sadly, I had to omit some great Black Orchid stuff for pacing, but things fall apart for Boomerang and the gang.


Thankfully, Black Orchid returns and she’s ready to throw down. Also this page illustrates something the movie is going to have to get right, Boomerang is often presented as a joke…but he is a killer and quite good at it.

You know who else is good at what she does? Nightshade. Again, where most books can only manage one capable female at best, Ostrander gives you plenty in this title, and this is one of many comics that are ignored when we characterize gender and roles in comics.


After dispatching the guards, Nightshade calls the Enchantress. We know where this is going, right?


This is resolved by an absolute throwdown, of which I included the end.


While Nightshade is able to pull the Enchantress from the edge, no one is there to stop Vixen.


The mission complete, they head back to Belle Reve only to find out that Rick Flag’s mission with the Doom Patrol didn’t go so good. They aren’t called the DOOM Patrol for nothing after all.


In another comic, this mission would be a success. But in a comic with silly costumes and the occasionally far out plot, the next two pages are a shock to the system.