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This issue has guest stars Vixen and former drug-addicted Green Arrow sidekick Speedy. Speedy was part of a great arc, and then no one knew what to do with him afterwards.


Vixen is a highly sought after model and when the issue begins she is taking a break at work, having left the superhero game.


There is a quick rundown of her origin and what’s she been doing and then-


It turns out that there was a drug transaction being done across the water and since the photographer could have captured some of it, they decided to wipe everyone out.


Realizing that prison is pointless (this is decades before El Chapo, mind you) they come up with solution of their own.


Part of the plan is to have Captain Boomerang take Vixen and Black Orchid and pose as another dealer with two prostitutes. As humiliating as being a hooker is for Vixen its still a step up from Justice League Detroit.

Meanwhile a panicked Derek Tolliver reaches out for a political ally in Joe Cray.


Elsewhere Nightshade and Speedy bond over their mixed emotions on their job and their terrible costumes. June Moone has been cooped up in Belle Reve and she puts the move on Briscoe.


Briscoe’s daughter died and Sheba is a VERY unhealthy replacement. Then again, it is handy to have an attack helicopter that can respond remotely to complex commands.


Although initially ambushed and outnumbered, Sheba gets the rest of the team out of trouble. But all the noise blows the timing of the mission.


The bad news is the drug lord has jets.


And muscular guards with no shirts, headbands and camouflage pants. Is this a David DeCoteau movie? What is the advantage of not wearing full-body camouflage if it actually concealed you? Just wearing the pants would make it look like your upper body was floating around with no support like a Pacman ghost.

Eh, it was the 80’s. Also another panel from that Speedy arc. Depressing that Neal Adams and Dick Giordano’s work here is stronger than than anything we’ve seen yet from Suicide Squad, even though its 15 years later.