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We already had the event comics. Now its time to do the other time-honored tradition of having a really popular comic character guest star in your book. But even though Batman appears in this book, the most important thing that happens is the addition of Father Craemer, a character that Ostrander created and used well (most notably in the Spectre run).

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Its worth noting although I skip pages, Suicide Squad focuses on all of the staff, which is something that subsequent books didn’t get right. This issue also introduces Duchess, and we have to pretend we don’t know who she is. (She is clearly Lashina)

Meanwhile, Waller explains why she never liked Rick Flag, and Flo expresses a desire to participate in missions…mostly because she likes Bronze Tiger.

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Mark Shaw decides to go private and become the Manhunter again, and Flag is too traumatized to join him. Meanwhile a prisoner they are transporting to Gotham escapes rather easily. I think you know where this is going.

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Batman easily slips around and hacks their main computer.

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Not the most essential page but I rarely give artist Luke McDonnell any credit, and he preserves the idea of Batman as a shape, almost like Michael Myers for a lot of this book, and it really works.

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Belle Reve is not set up for an A-lister. Batman carves through the guard, and although Duchess gives him some trouble initially, this is the Batman we’re talking about.

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Batman beats the rest of the Squad that’s available until its just a standoff with Waller.

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This is the part that’s hard.

There’s a brilliant bit where Batman explains to Deadshot that Deadshot is incapable of killing him. Its not that Deadshot is missing his shots on Batman, its a subconscious hitch, which explains all the times a master sniper missed Batman when he was waiting to ambush him.

But its followed by a REALLY stupid bit, where Waller explains that Batman revealed his alias, his relationship with the Gotham police – oh and he put his fingerprints on everything while he was in his cell.

And Batman basically goes – ‘aw shucks, I didn’t think about ANY of that,’ and gives the disc back. That’s what happens. Seriously. The whole ending of this comic is predicated on Batman being an idiot. But then Flag shows Waller some fire.

10 - 9

Now Waller has her team leader.