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We’re back!

Sometimes the true test of a comic book writer is how they negotiate the dreaded crossover event. The event at the time was Millennium, which is where everyone tangled with the Manhunters, the intergalactic police force of robots that preceded the Green Lantern Corps.

Not a bad idea but the Manhunters looked really stupid. Why would a robot need blue underwear, and metal blue underwear at that.

So Slipknot, Boomerang, Bronze Tiger, Deadshot, Rick Flag, Karin Grace, and Mark Shaw in that stupid pirate getup go to Manhunter temple to deliver a bomb. Slipknot immediately starts thinking about getting out of it, since you can’t fight a robot with a rope.


The bomb is filled with xyzedium, an element only slightly better named than unobtanium. And Rick Flag has a bit of information no one else does.


Good thing they ran into Captain Atom, eh? The Squad also finds out that they don’t match up well with killer robots.


By the time they figure out how to fight the Manhunters, Bronze Tiger goes down.


And Slipknot finds out you should NEVER trust Captain Boomerang.


While Slipknot lays suffering, a mysterious (more on this at some point) woman shows up.


Shaw and Flag go into the temple with the bomb, and that’s when Flag finally realizes that the Privateer genuinely hates the Manhunters and can be trusted. Suddenly Karin appears, hanging from a cliff face. Do they save her or keep going with the bomb?


Instead of wondering how Karin ended up on a cliff, Flag immediately has a meltdown.


Karin betrays him, and explains that she is a Manhunter mole who fell in love with Mark Shaw. Except…


That’s right. Karin Grace fell in love with a Manhunter robot. The robot quickly takes down Flag and Shaw and gives the coup de grace to Karin.


And because this ties in to an event, something we don’t know about happens somewhere we can’t see that causes all the robots to fall apart at the same time. In all fairness, event comics were only a bit over two years old, so they hadn’t gotten the hang of it yet, but this is pretty lousy.

With her life ruined Karin decides to take the high road.


By the time Flag wakes up – its over. And the Squad has another casualty.