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So the team is stranded in Russia, and they end up on the radar of a Russian government super team that is being phased out because they look ridiculous for the Rocket Reds, another super team of men in power suits.

page one

The team comes up with one desperate option that would be…SUICIDE.

page two

Penguin comes up with the idea of pretending to be soldiers and robbing tourists of their passports and clothes. But the tourists are all stuffed in a room and starting to get impatient.

page four

This leads to a fight. Now I guess things have changed in the cartoons and comics, but Deadshot was never much of a hand to hand fighter before.

page five

Nemesis is again the noble guy that volunteers to stay behind. Now there’s a bit in a train, not the most necessary to the plot but I couldn’t leave it out.

page six

Nemesis is caught and tortured for information. As they make their way to the ice, the Russians show up – but so do their reinforcements: Black Orchid, Bronze Tiger and Captain Boomerang (who had to be forcibly kidnapped out of his apartment because he didn’t want to leave it).

page seven

A fight ensues because that’s how problems are solved in comics.

page eight

You learn important lessons here, like don’t mess with Black Orchid or the Enchantress if you value your health. I’ve heard the Suicide Squad described as ‘street level’ or not particularly powerful, and that makes sense because you can get better stories out of overpowered heroes, but it really depends on the team lineup.

page nine

Boomerang beats his opponent, right when the Enchantress starts to rampage again.

page ten

They go the extraction but there are enemy aircraft. Briscoe and Sheba start to do their thing.

page eleven

page twelve

After all that the mission is a flop and Nemesis is in enemy hands.

page thirteen

Funny 80’s costumes aside, this is WAY ahead of its time.