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This is supposed to be a stealth mission in Russia. So the issue starts with the Enchantress blowing up the entire place and going on a rampage.

Rick Flag comes up with a solution. Deadshot suggests a different one.

page one

Except its hard to threaten a guy with a death wish. Deadshot doesn’t kill the Enchantress, but he does hurt her fairly badly and Nightshade teleports her out. Deadshot is just getting started though.

page two

They flee the scene, with the Firebird. She is not happy about it.

page three

But you know who is happy? DEADSHOT. He’s shooting everything moving, and he finds a rocket launcher.

page four

Deadshot doesn’t make good decisions when he’s in his manic phase.

Anyway, the plan is messed up, because there are two more people than the Penguin planned for and Nightshade might be too exhausted to teleport them out.

They make their way to a non-passenger train. Flag is frustrated he didn’t say with Nightshade who barely makes it on a different train with Nemesis. They have to snuggle to keep warm but it doesn’t go anyway.

page five

They get back to the embassy, where the under-secretary ambassador freaks out.

page six

You’re stuck in a foreign country with a bunch of bad guys, a government that has denied the lousy mission they sent you on, with someone who never wanted to be rescued in the first place.