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This issue starts with a bunch guy pulling off a small violent robbery. A figure comes from the shadows – a hero we don’t. He has a crossbow, but its armed with an explosive tipped arrow. And when the car stops-

page 1

Why this guy is perfect for the Suicide Squad! He’s like a stupider looking Green Arrow. He’s –

page two

Oh crap. He’s a racist.

And he’s like an evil Batman. He’s really rich, well-connected and he even has a chauffeur. But after he leaves, we see that the real chauffeur is in the trunk of the car. And the driver?

page three

Rare DC super-heroine Black Orchid. There have been a few versions of this character, and this is the rarest one. There isn’t a lot of information about her, but she is a bruiser.

Anyway, Amanda Waller is briefing the team (and their new member, Chronos) about a tense area in Central City where the ghetto meets a white working class neighborhood. A conservative businessman named W. James Heller (who is not good at fake superhero names!) is stirring the pot and funding white supremacist groups, eventually forming his own named the Aryan Empire.

page four

Its not a surprise that the Australian Captain Boomerang might have some quaint ideas on race. It is a surprise that Deadshot knows Heller. Heller was a rich kid whose family got killed in a race riot and subsequently twisted by his hateful grandfather.

Waller has a plan.

She sets up a crime involving Captain Boomerang and Bronze Tiger. Hell takes Boomerang into his organization.

They show up to give a speech at a demonstration and…

page five

page six

William Hell plays William Tell. I can’t make this up.

The first William Hell makes the shot, but the second one misses high. He is unmasked as James Heller. Heller is accused of keeping the REAL William Hell hostage and twisting his work.

‘William Hell’ walks away, but is shot in the back by one of his former henchmen. Mortally wounded he is loaded into an ambulance.

page seven

The Squad used Chrono’s time delay machine to allow Bronze Tiger to deflect William Hell’s bolt, making him miss. However the machine blinded Deadshot…who did his shot with his eyes closed.

Now honestly this has been a decent comic so far, but you might not understand why I hold it in such high regard. The next issue, for me was the turning point.