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They arrive at the Jihad’s headquarters.

page 1

There the team finds out that the Chimera is actually Suicide Squad member Nightshade, who resents being an accomplice to murder, even though her powers just provide transport through a pocket dimension.

page 3

Plastique immediately betrays the team which is generally what bad guys do, given the first opportunity.

page 4

Except there’s another team member she doesn’t know about, master of disguise Nemesis. There’s a reason Amanda Waller doesn’t tell her team everything. But Plastique gets away from Nemesis and she hurts Nightshade before she is subdued. The team’s exit is blown.

Rick Flag fights Rustam, but Rustam escapes as well. Captain Boomerang gets to show us his stuff.

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Boomerang is a comic character for a lot of Suicide Squad’s run. But it doesn’t mean he’s not lethal.

Page 7

Bronze Tiger cripples Ravan who swears revenge. He reveals that the Tiger was in the League of Assassins casual fans are familiar with the League through the Nolan Batman movies.

Deadshot kills the Manticore, June turns into the Enchantress and beats the Djinn but then struggles to transform back into her human self.

Rustam shows up with a gun, flanking Mindboggler. Boomerang spots it and…

page 8

The team has to steal a jet to get out, but someone has to stay back to flip the gate open to the hangar. Furious at his failure with Plastique, Nemesis volunteers, and the Squad flies away.

Thankfully there is a backup extraction. Briscoe, the team’s helicopter pilot (who is a little overly attached to his copter Sheba) gets him out.

The first two issues are its own arc, and this comic has showcased on a small scale what made it great, diverse complex characters, missions that don’t go as planned and twists galore.

But you ain’t seen nothing yet.