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Suicide Squad starts like a movie, with a typical US airport and credits.

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What happens next is something that didn’t happen a lot in 1987. A bunch of costumed villains that no one is familiar with start an assault on the entire airport…including a plane that is taking off.

When they are done everyone is dead.

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This massacre takes place in the fictional country Qurac and it was just a ruthless test drive to pitch the team to a foreign dictator.

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Then we meet the team. The new member Plastique and Mindboggler learn the deal from mission commander Rick Flag Jr.

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Watching them all is the puppetmaster Amanda Waller. Note that Flag, Floyd Lawton/Deadshot and June Moone/Enchantress are all in the upcoming movie.

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Now we meet the villains, the Jihad.

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And from the first issue, we get big insights into Amanda Waller’s personality.

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Flag finds Waller’s surprise is Karin Grace, someone from his past. And Mindboggler, tired of Captain Boomerang’s constant sexual harassment of Plastique exposes his insecurity. Boomerang swears revenge and they head off to their mission.