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So just to beat a dead horse, Caitlyn Jenner.\


Because there hasn’t been enough written coverage of Bruce Jenner’s transformation from male to female. Or enough opinions spewed forth all over social media. I’ll preface this rant with, yes, I know I am probably not saying anything that hasn’t been said.

That said, ohmygod, WHO CARES???? Not who cares about the great strides that were made for the transgender community or who cares because, Kardashians.


I mean who cares to all the people who don’t agree with it. For serious, it definitely doesn’t affect your life. It doesn’t make you any less straight or male or female or Christian. Caitlyn Jenner won’t impede upon your ability to get to work every day, she won’t affect your living situation, she’s not going to be the reason you go to hell. Caitlyn Jenner is a chick (regardless of your refusal to acknowledge her as such) who is finally living the life she wants to be living.

I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess that prior to this transformation, Bruce Jenner put a teeny tiny bit of thought into it, maybe visited a therapist once or twice, and may have been fairly sure that he wanted to head down this path and probably all your “devils advocacy” isn’t new stuff. But if he didn’t go to therapy or put years of thought into it, that’s ok too, you know why? It was his life. Just his. The only one he gets to live. Same as yours is the only one you get to live. If you have to check with strangers before making all your decisions you’re either living your life the wrong way or you’re in prison……which kinda indicates that you were at one time, living your life the wrong way.

Don’t get me wrong, Caitlyn made a choice to make this a very public event and one of the downsides of being in the public eye is opening oneself up to the speculation and opinions of the general public.So go nuts, freedom of speech and all, I hope she has thick skin and was prepared for the backlash.


If years of Kardashian BS didn’t prepare her for public ridicule then shame on her. She really can’t get mad at the small minded, ignorant bullshit expressed by every jabroni with an internet connection. But I can and I kinda am. Or was. I gotta share a planet with these idiots, afterall.

I do try really hard to be unmoved by the moronic consensus spewed forth by a hate-filled society but sometimes it’s SO HARD. Please don’t mistake this as not having respect for opinions different than mine. I definitely do. So many people don’t agree with me, I’m probably close to as liberal as they come and I have no way of knowing if I’m definitely right about a lot of stuff even if I passionately believe that I am. I’m not talking about people who don’t understand transgender or even people who don’t say much but just plain don’t agree with it. It’s cool, I’ll let you feel your feelings. I’m talking about the angry, hate-filled internet mob. I say internet because I’ve heard very little in person and certainly people get braver behind a computer screen and really unleash, hence that’s where I’ve observed the majority of the hate.

I’ve read so much offensive stuff over the past few weeks that my brain has basically lost the ability to process anything else on the subject so it has become necessary to purge this in blog form in order to free up some space for a new crusade. I’ve read things as benign as some run of the mill offensive jokes all the way to people praying for her to die and burn in hell. Ironically, or not so much, the latter was said by a self proclaimed “devout follower of the Lord”. Dude, what? You’re praying for someone you’ve never met to burn in hell? Like, you discussed this with your bible study or your pastor and this was the logical response to what you consider sin? Caitlyn Jenner is transgender but I happen to know you’ve got a thing for porn soooooo…..does that mean you’re going to hell together?? Or your extramarital affair wasn’t as bad as all that. Yes please rant angrily, justifying every way Christian sin is different/better/not the same. I understand now and yes your hate is not at all misdirected.

So after my brain exploded because I couldn’t even comprehend the level of hate and arrogance circulating in the world I live in, I started to think some thoughts. Jealousy. Jealousy makes people angry.


It’s very possible that a lot of these people are jealous of Caitlyn Jenner. No not because we all secretly want to switch gender because come on, who would wish to be born the wrong gender and spend 65 years unhappy, wishing to be something else? No. Jealousy because here is someone living her dream. No one wants to live 65 years or more, unhappy with themselves or their lives but how many people do? SO MANY. And how many people have the balls (no pun intended) to take a huge, drastic step, to change their lives and try to be happy. Sadly, a super small number in comparison.

I read someone’s comments about how all that money spent on surgery was a waste because vanity is a sin and that money could’ve been spent opening a homeless shelter. To that I say a) um screw you because it definitely isn’t anyone’s business how another person spends money they’ve earned- sorry you don’t make more, and b) sorry you’re 200 pounds overweight with chin hair and no means to pay for expensive treatments and lack the pride in yourself to try and clean up a little. I challenge anyone to tell me, with a straight face, that looks don’t matter. Yeah. Maybe not to Helen Keller. There’s a reason that sex sells in this country and it’s not because Victoria’s Secret hires models that are “pretty on the inside”. But I digress, this isn’t about being jealous of Caitlyn’s looks.

It’s about being jealous of her ability to live her dream while most of us are prisoners of our own lives, paralyzed by the fear of judgment, change, unknown, whatever.


When I really think about it, I can’t be mad at this type of bigot. I feel sorry for them. Live your dream man, I guarantee if you live your dream, you won’t be nearly as consumed with anyone else’s life. And before the mob descends, I’m not saying if you don’t agree, you must be jealous. I AM saying if you are so consumed that you’re angry and hateful, there is definitely something missing from your life. If you can’t find a dream then find a twelve step program. As it’s been explained to me, working the steps is an introspective journey, one from which you will certainly benefit.