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I read a lot of comment sections. Comment sections tell me a lot about certain kinds of people, the kind of people that feel brave when they think they’re anonymous.

This is a cop.

This is a cop.

There are a lot of people in this country who are asleep when it comes to what’s happening because they don’t have to deal with it. When it comes to police brutality to those they don’t find of worth, or the consistent mistreatment of women both physically, emotionally and financially or dozens of other issues, if it doesn’t affect them it doesn’t exist.

Until someone just flat out says it. Then its harder to ignore.


Now there are a lot of forums with flat-out crazy. Stormfront.org is darkly humorous, as you see racists try to figure who they hate the most, or how to keep themselves pure in a country where every race contributed a lot. Gawker is one of the most entertaining sections I visit. One of my favorite is Policeone, the law enforcement forum where you get to see what some cops actually think about you. (Its not much.)

These are cops talking about Eric Garner.  These are cops.

These are cops talking about Eric Garner. Don’t you feel safer?

But the best is just Yahoo. Yahoo has so much traffic that is a better representative of America in general, which makes its descent into Colonel Kurtz-like madness even more incredible. Some subjects are better than others, but reading Yahoo will have you moving to nowhere and building a bomb shelter in your basement. There is some serious crazy on Yahoo.

So with a minimum of commentary, I will sometimes bring the best of Yahoo crazy. You’re welcome.