Welcome to the Debt of Nature companion blog!

This is a shameless plug for the project I’m working on, a historical horror series that spans centuries and starts in 1873 in Manitoba, Canada.

As a person who loves to have his art freely available, it pains me to say there is a modest cost for this subscription site. I started up a separate blog to serve as a supplement to the ongoing story and to allow feedback for people.

As a person who is excited about everything they put their hand to, it is not particularly unique to hear me say that this is the best thing I’ve done, but I think it is. The majority of fiction I watch or read isn’t compelling to me, and I think the onus is on me to rise above merely criticizing and start creating.

The Debt of Nature takes everything I love about monsters, and then adds all the cool stuff about history I probably never paid attention to in school, and then I focused on plots that felt fresh, while Jasmine helped me fill out the characters. Originally, I was going to draw this as a webcomic, but our President will be a sentient brain in a jar before I finish that. On the plus side, it meant we spent years getting some of this stuff right.

So in summation: