Now that Tom and his partner in crime Tom are completely overwhelmed with work, it is time for me to swoop in and reap the rewards of all these sweet, sweet, Superbowl commercial hits. That’s right, come for the article on Pete Rose, stay for the… uh…

Anyhow.  Recently, I stumbled upon an old Jezebel column called “Worth It“, which reviewed a variety of items that ranged from life-changing to really-nice-to-have-around. There were some great recommendations, and I loved the concept for the column because:

(1) Sometimes you discover something so splendiferous (its a real word, Google it) that you can’t help but rant and rave to your friends and family about how awesome it is, and if you’re me…

(2) Once you start raving, you find out that everyone else already knew about it and they think it’s great and you’re left wondering if you’re the only person in the world who didn’t know about this thing and how sweet it is. Well, you’re not the only person. There are other people out there who don’t know yet, and you need to tell them, which brings us back to (1).

One of the “Worth It” recommendations was so worth it, that I was inspired to start my own column. These reviews are unpaid and completely unbiased, in fact, in most cases I lost money.  Also, I’m a tightwad so nothing here will be very expensive. Without further ado:

Totally Worth it: Winter Survival Edition

– Heated Seats


Did you know that you can get heated car seat cushions for under $20?

Sorry, let me back up.

I used to think that “luxury features” for cars like heated seats, heated mirrors etc., were the ultimate example of our spoiled, materialistic consumerism. America, everyone! … That is, until we got an old Buick. Leather seats? Meh. Sky window? Leaky roof waiting to happen. Remote key locks? Okay, but still kind of meh. Heated seats?

Heated seats should be a standard feature for all cars sold in the northern US and Canada.

Everything from "cold" up

Everything from “cold” up

When it’s -2° F, and it takes a good 15 minutes for your engine to warm up enough to even have heat, and you can’t wait in the house while your car idles, and it didn’t snow so it’s not like you got your blood pumping while you dug out your car, and you’re losing all feeling in your extremities… those 15 minutes are the worst.

Unless you have a heated seat. Which takes about 30 seconds to get roaring hot.

After the Buick, I was sure I’d never get a chance to enjoy this experience again. Sure, you could get aftermarket heated seats installed, but those are really expensive! Right? Wrong. The high-quality- professionally installed into the actual seat- automatically shut off when you engine isn’t running so you don’t run down your battery kind… those kind are expensive. But the cheapie, cushion that sits on top of the seat and is held in place with a useless elastic strap, plugs into the cigarette lighter, and totally drains your battery if you forget to unplug it kind? You can pick those up from Amazon or eBay for about $20 a pop.

Two things to keep in mind:

1) Like I said. They will absolutely drain your battery if you forget to unplug them.

2) They are cheap. The first one I got died after two months. But the other one has been going strong for almost two years. For $20 it is still totally worth it!