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It’s a shame, but the only real way to praise Triangle is to ruin some of its twists. Well, I suppose it’s not the only way, I could also mention that Melissa George carries the film as single mom Jess. It’s a shame because I went into this movie pretty much blind and at certain points my jaw dropped. Writer/director Christopher Smith knocked this one out of the park.

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George is Jess a single mom with an autistic son who is going on a trip with friends. Something is already very odd about Jess, something that her friends notice.

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They go out on the boat and then there is an odd electric storm, the boat capsizes and they are stranded. They find an abandoned ocean liner, but again there is an odd feeling, one that Jess experiences on her own.

They began to explore the boat when Jess inexplicably comes across a set of her own keys. Going further in the ship they realize that someone is watching them and her friend Victor tries to pursue the voyeur. Exploring further, Jess finds a message on a mirror directing her to go back to the theater located on the boat.

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When she does, a mortally wounded Victor dies after attacking her. Suddenly there is a gunshot, and when she runs outside, one of her friends is dead and everyone is accusing her of the murder, except we’ve been with her the whole time and we know that that accusation is impossible.

Things resolve quickly. A madman in a burlap mask picks them off one by one until only Jess is left.

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She fights the killer, ending his death when he falls off of the boat. Alone on the cruise ship, she hears the noise of people…only to see herself and her other friends on the capsized boat ready to board the ship.

See Jess is in a place, where time is strange, and everyone is caught in a loop, with multiple versions of themselves. And it turns out that one of them has figured out what is happening at some point, and their solution involves killing everyone else.

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Triangle has more shocks in store, but it had me on the edge of my seat after the first five or so minutes. I like to be intrigued by a film, and it certainly doesn’t get more compelling than this.

This list was brutal to compose and I can’t wait to show you the other films that beat this entry.

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