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Alan Grant writes a back up story in the 75th issue of the Shadow of the Bat title. This was around the time of ‘No Man’s Land,’ which was another name for the now-defunct Lilith Festival an event where Gotham City had been subjected to an earthquake that cut it off from the outside world. While this story has the always welcome Norm Breyfogle penciling and Mark Buckingham of Fable’s fame, inking, that is not why I call your attention to this classic, dear reader.

Simply put, this may be the most depressing Batman story ever.

It begins with poor Walt who injures his son by accident, completely defeating the whole point of the trust exercise.

Batman page 2

Yikes. Keith is now paralyzed and speechless. Thankfully, Walt’s wife is there for him.

Batman page 3

I believe in a previous life she comforted Job. Gotham being Gotham, his upset wife and handicapped kid aren’t the only problems he has to deal with.

Batman page 6

There was only one more thing Walt needed to make his life even more complicated…

Page 7

That’s right. His hot young employee falls for him. Walt being Walt, he has no idea what to do, and tells his wife that he was mugged. He gets found out by his wife THAT NIGHT, because he is the unluckiest person who has ever lived.

Page 9

Keep in mind that he hasn’t had an affair, in fact, his only sin so far is poor hand eye co-ordination. While viewing the lights with the his family, his son speaks, giving them all hope. Walt calls for a family dinner.

Page 11

Walt mans up. But there is still a small matter of that earthquake…

Page 12

Page 13

Yeah. That just happened. This is the story of Walt, the dude who couldn’t catch.