As I, like the rest of our adoring fans, read through and listened to Tom’s Desert Island Disc, my mind slowly drifted towards said island, and I imagined what it would be like if I had only a collection of amazing tunes to keep me company (as a volleyball with a bloody handprint might not be readily available).


Just doesn’t quite have the same ring as Wilson, does it?

Picking the only CD you’ll ever hear for the indefinite future is a daunting task. It has to contain songs that you’ll never tire of hearing, but it also has to be upbeat enough to keep you from constructing a hanging noose from the old VHS tapes that washed up on shore a few days after you did. It should also keep you going while you forage around looking for the essentials:

Food and fresh water,


firewood and kindling,


a lifetime supply of booze in an underground cavern,


and coconuts to make CB radios from.


It seems most of my castaway survival knowledge comes from TV and movies. That might pose a problem later.


A surprising number of Tom’s selections were a good place to start. Some of the artists will most likely make my own list, but some of the selections were so depressing, they would make me wish I’d been marooned with a pistol containing a single shot. My own taste dictates a lot more uptempo pieces, but to each his own.

After much delay, I’ll be presenting my own version of the Desert Island playlist soon. In the meantime, I’m gonna study up on how to build a treehouse.


This seems like a good place to start.