It’s not like writers are really famous. Writers are famous to other writers which does not count. Nigel Kneale was a giant of early British television, which has no impact to the average American. He influenced generations of other writers with his utter brilliance, but he should have influenced even more.

His work was sometimes lurid in subject matter, but subtle in delivery. Kneale’s writing appeals to the curious. If you want to see someone cut to ribbons, he’s not your guy, but if you’re one of those people that likes wondering where this story is going past that magical twenty minute mark in a movie, then you need to follow his career.

Beasts is a miniseries that demonstrated the best things and the worst things about British television in the 1970’s. The acting is consistently enthusiastic, and the plotting is superb mostly because on a technical level everything else is lacking. There are only a few sets and terrible makeup and sound effects. But you get the feeling that Kneale knew that and worked around his limitations, something that more writers and directors need to do.

So I will review Beasts. Enjoy.