I’m in Philadelphia, where a nervous football fan base is so alarmed at this point, that any movement by the Eagles puts us immediately in Amber Alert. But a lot of markets are like this, which is why I’m doing a sane, snarky draft review. Unlike many football experts, I’ve openly conceded objectivity or any special knowledge because these are very young men who will need years to develop, and NFL teams only have enough resources to scout the first couple of rounds properly. After that, its kind of a crap shoot.

I will say that 2014 illustrates the best thing about the NFL, the thing that no one else can actually touch…actual parity. As opposed to the NBA model, I sincerely believe that every team in the league is trying to win, no matter if I agree with their ideas or not. And for some reason, most teams did a pretty good job in this draft.

So I’ll keep it brief. 2014, the Draft in Rebuke.