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Triangle is the best sort of horror film, a triumph of sheer intrigue. It is about Jess, a single mother that goes on a boat trip with friends, when suddenly a strange storm disrupts the boat and deposits them into the ocean after they hear a strange distress call on the radio.

They board an empty cruise ship, where there are small, but increasingly obvious signs of something wrong – but there is no clear conclusion what it could be. Eventually Jess is inexplicably attacked by one of the other guests. The situation grows worse as the others become convinced that she is trying to kill them, when clearly the main threat is a masked figure with a gun.

Jess confronts the killer throwing him off the side of a boat, and then hears noises that could be rescue…only to see herself and her friends climbing onto the ship. Later, she retreats into the ship only to realize that she is the masked killer, and there are multiple versions of her on the boat. Time has folded on top of itself, and the only way to escape may be to kill everyone else.

Christopher Smith was the writer and director of this, I heard it rumored that he was inspired by the inestimable Dead of Night and Momento, which he did a good job of mimicking. Jess is both the heroine and the villain of the same movie, and there are times where the protagonist version of her is not the heroic one.
Of course, this film was ignored and then forgotten, which means no one got to see that Melissa George can actually act, as opposed to merely being pretty if given the opportunity. Pity.