The Hills Run Red ended up being a disappointment and I am not much of a slasher fan, but it had a lot of potential, and tried hard in a lot of areas. It also has a couple of concepts that I absolutely love, and one rather memorable character.
It concerns Tyler who is obsessed with a lost film (titled the Hills Run Red) that is considered the scariest ever made, which is obviously an appealing hook for me. Everyone involved with the film disappeared years ago, but Tyler has a lead on its whereabouts (A cabin in the woods!).
With a motley cast of cannon fodder, he heads up there. It of course, goes disastrously wrong when masked and deformed killer Babyface shows up. It’s a trope, but Babyface’s appearance is genuinely unsettling, and he is properly introduced slowly over the course of the film.

Tyler is betrayed by one of his friends only to find out the terrible truth, The Hills Run Red evolved into a snuff film once a director killed an actor for additional realism, and that it features that same film crew who are now utterly and impossibly committed to the concept. Babyface is killed as the film goes on, but he is more of a concept than an actual figure, and there will be another Babyface at some point.
Again, this is not a perfect film, as it celebrates its villains, and despite its efforts cannot make its protagonists compelling. I do not think a sequel would be a good idea, because it just be another slasher character that would traipse its way through increasingly shoddy film. But I will give the filmmakers the highest compliment you can give to a character, if I personally ran into this guy in the dark; the shock alone would probably kill me.