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All in a Day's Work

I love Adrienne Barbeau. Love her. She was the previous generation’s Kim Kardashian (as far as being an Armenian sex symbol, not the reality show stuff). Somehow she always gives a good performance, so I was looking forward to the guest appearance.

All in a Day's Work 1

She plays a white witch who makes various things for people, mostly love potions it seems like. She is visited by Steven Rose, a man with a really bad problem. He has a doppelganger. If you are familiar with those legends, this is a terrible, terrible sign. Also, doppelgangers are rarely used in movies or TV, so I’d like to see more things like this explored. The double is getting closer and closer every day, and who knows what it wants? And he has a solution, a solution that’s so fantastically bad of an idea, she immediately orders him out of her house.

The only problem is that it has followed him. And it is now attached to her and her small child.

All in a Day's Work 2

She is going to have to do the one thing that she doesn’t want to have to do, a ceremony that will damn her soul for doing it.

This episode might be the most frustrating one of the season because its genuinely creepy, starts very strong, and then takes a strong comic turn halfway through and comes completely apart. I just can’t imagine letting up the pressure on a story like this. Its a waste of perfectly good Barbeau!