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La Strega

Linda Blair is another one of those people I have soft spot for, although she wasn’t as good as Adrienne Barbeau at picking projects – with one notable exception of course. Northern Exposure’s Rob Morrow is terribly miscast here, although I now realize that hardly anyone remembers Northen Exposure anymore.

La Strega 1

Morrow is Vito, an idiot, avenging the death of his mother the day before to La Strega, an infamous witch who placed a fatal curse. He didn’t plan his vengeance too well though. It turns out that ten years ago, his mother pawned a gold ring with a red stone, and La Strega switched the rings. When his mother threatened to go to the police, she was cursed to die in exactly ten years. When she left, she had a heart attack, spent a decade in bed and promptly passed away. He’s back to avenge her and retrieve the ring.

Blair offers another scenario. She is not La Strega. La Strega was her mother, who is dead as well. Vito’s mother is the one who switched the rings. Blair will let him live, and he can stay with her for two weeks and make his decision then. She is merciful because he is only an errand boy for his mother, whose brilliant plan was to send a young Italian boy to an attractive woman’s house and hope that he doesn’t hit on her.

La Strega 2

The witch is also a fatalist, and there are intimations she has a better idea of what’s going on than he does. Actually an eggplant has a better idea of what’s going on than this guy. Also, she has the hots for him.

But the truth is unclear. There is a ring. There is a witch. But who is lying to whom?

La Strega 3

A good story to finish the series, even if Blair was a little flat.