Rain Dance

Rain Dance has to me one of the best designed monsters in the whole series, when I go off of memory.

Rain Dance 1

It concerns Tom, an unscrupulous man who makes fake antiques, and Vanessa, his ungrateful wife. She does not travel well, by the way. He finds artifacts, in this case from a lost tribe who lived in a stone city. It’s a legit score, but his wife isn’t crazy about her life in general.

They get brought a statue of a God of Death. I love this thing. It is horrible. I know in the end, it’s a midget in a rubber suit, but what a suit! Apparently he brought rain, but only for a human sacrifice done in some way that’s not described. Also the area is in the midst of a terrible drout. I’m sure this won’t come up again.

Rain Dance 2

It is night, and if possible, the God of Death looks even more impressive. He starts getting antsy too. The floor beneath him starts rotting and Vanessa is noticing changes to her complexion.

Rain Dance 3

Let’s just say that we learn what happened to the lost tribe. This season is ending strong.

Rain Dance 4