Fool's Good

Okay this is one of the episodes I remember loving. It’s a group of miners in a cave with their supervisor Miss Atkinson, when they find a member of their team dead, somehow horribly burned. Inside of his hand is a gold coin, and immediately Phil, the most ambitious member of the team wants to go after more gold, but the older man remembers this funny little legend-

Fool's Gold 2

Phil climbs through a hole and finds the stereotypical chest of bouillion. He is immediately attacked by a troll who looks like the rabbit from Donny Darko. The troll’s touch burns. After they escape with their lives, Phil can’t wait to go back, but the older man is reluctant.

A troll’s blood is boiling hot, but it cannot stand sunlight, or the old man’s lucky pick which is made of iron.

Fool's Gold 3

Armed with this knowledge, they decide to take the monster on. They escape with a bucket full of gold (apparently no one will ever figure out how heavy gold is) only to run into a cave in. Apparently the troll can generate cave- ins, a detail the old man forgot to relay.

Comeuppances abound as people bicker, die and constantly forget about the boiling hot troll blood.

Fool's Gold  1

This isn’t a large set, or much space, and no one moves around much, so this is a well lit and directed show and the performances are pretty tight. It’s nice when everyone invests in their performances, it makes things that might not work on the page come alive, and Fool’s Gold is a good example of that.

Fool's Gold 4