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Glim - Glim

Okay I have to preface this. This is the episode that I saw when I was eight years old, and then broke down crying at the ending, and then I had to conceal my dismay from my parents because I wasn’t supposed to be watching pretty much any of these shows.

“You look like you’ve been crying,” my dad said casually.

“No,” I sniffed.

It was Glim-Glim. It was this episode. And I can’t remember what got me so wound up in the first place.

Glim Glim 4

This episode has young Jenna von Oy. Her and her father and their crazy friend are trapped in a building with a murderous alien upstairs. She calls the monster Glim Glim, which her father and his friend object to. Glim Glim either landed or crashed on Earth, sealed off the town and then everyone died of a disease that he caused.

Glim Glim keeps a log of his own. Thankfully, he narrates in English. He is the most preposterous looking alien you can possibly imagine. It is the single greatest weakness of the entire episode. He looks like those floppy balloon things that you see outside of car dealerships. Ed Wood wouldn’t have put this thing onscreen.

It turns out that the plagues comes from the bacteria in Glim Glim’s poop (!) and he had no idea that it would kill humans. It threw up a force field around the town to keep the Earth from being destroyed, while it works on creating a cure. Also it battles horrible guilt at the deaths its caused, and the frustration of not being able to communicate.

Downstairs, the dad’s friend overacts in a manner that would have made Oliver Reed blush. If acting were a muscle, this man would have torn it.

Glim Glim 2

The people downstairs have a resistance to the plague, which is why Glim Glim is interested in them, but the biggest problem is that neither side can communicate with each other.

Except for some reason it likes the girl. And the guys decide to take advantage of that. When they get upstairs, they realize that Glim Glim has been reading every book in the library. They find a dead body in the library and flee when they see Glim Glim, again not realizing that the alien did not kill the man, but was dissecting him to find a cure.

I don't remember this part.

I don’t remember this part.

This should be laughably bad, but somehow it works. So help me God.

The kid can understand the alien enough to start a conversation, where it reveals that it needs blood to create an antidote. Amy thinks they can bridge the gap if Glim Glim is able to demonstrate that he is a friend. Downstairs, the redneck crazy guy has found guns. The dad somehow doesn’t realize that his daughter has been hanging with an alien all day until he goes to bed, but he does wake up in time to see Glim Glim drawing blood.

They freak out and shoot the alien only to find Amy. Amy and Glim Glim had put together a Christmas tree, because everyone forgot it was Christmas. Meanwhile the force field around the town is set to fail, releasing the plague. And then von Oy brings it home with some great acting and some waterworks. Eight year old Tom Moore was doomed.