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The Cocoon Title

The Cocoon is structured the way I think that horror films should ideally be written, you should be wondering what is going on, and only find out gradually.

Billy Drago plays a cop who is dating a psychic, (although she can’t be much of a psychic if she couldn’t anticipate being betrayed by Billy Drago) and he needs her help to find out about an amnesiac blonde woman who has a lot of money, but no past. And she’s hot. Hoo boy. Everytime the psychic touches the woman’s antique hair comb she gets a flash of past lives, and a terrible murder that went unsolved.

The Cocoon

The woman is increasingly aggressive in a surprisingly strong performance until her secret is revealed. The secret – well that’s another matter. Its strains the suspension of disbelief past the breaking point and that’s in a series that’s had a killer bed.

The Cocoon 1

I like this episode, and it finishes strong, but that reveal is a little problematic. Also, Drago is onscreen with his wife in real life, Silvana Gallardo, who also was a notable acting teacher. There is a saying that those that can’t, teach. It is not true here.

The Cocoon 2