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Rouse Him Not

I like the title of this one. I can’t explain it.

It’s got Alex Cord from Airwolf, and Laraine Newman the woman from SNL that you always wondered why she was there. And now she’s in Monsters and I wonder why she’s here. Also Alex Cord has the weirdest voice.

Rouse him not 2

She is a painter in a cottage of sorts. One day she meets John who is researching an article on local superstition and the cottage is key in his research. This isn’t ominous at all. Apparently this used to be the Marraby house. The owner met a messy end, what with being hung for witchcraft and all.

There is a hole of sorts in the floor where they started renovation and never finished as the workmen fled. John finds the piece of a sacred seal that kept something trapped beneath the floor. He leaves to research it.

He brings back the crazy peeping next door neighbor who rants about evil for a while. He does not look like the sort of person that you would take advice from. Basically everything he’s talking about is centered in the basement, where there is a mysterious seeping liquid coming out.

Looks like a credible source.

Looks like a credible source.

Now comes the crack.

While he’s telling this story a giant slimy hand grabs him and pulls him down into the basement to his death. The door locks itself. In the next scene, there is a chair blocking the door, and the woman is sitting there with a pistol. The sun is setting. Really? I would be in my car in the next time zone by the time the sun went down and they’re still there.

Rouse Him Not 3

The crack accelerates. John has a magic silver sword cane. No one calls the police. She ends up sadder about her dog than her dead neighbor. The old guys stays up to midnight without getting drowsy. He has a sword fight in the basement with the monster, which has the power to disappear at will. (Who knew?) John turns out to be a descendant of a saint and carries the saint’s sword with him to fight evil.

Still a fair amount of fun, and a good looking episode.