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Pillow Talk

In Pillow Talk we are introduced to a famous horror writer, his date, and his unbelievably 80’s bed. There is a monster in the bed, and if you have a vore fetish then this is the one for you. Also this episode is predicated on the idea that women get turned on by writers and throw themselves at them, which clearly marks this as fiction.

This bed is the true horror.

This bed is the true horror.

The writer is question is very odd. I suppose you would be too, if you had a killer bed, but he was probably really messed up as well.

My God is it hard to write a review about a bed that eats people.

pillow talk 2

Then Mary Woronov shows up, and I think about how much this episode reminds me of Terrorvision. Then she starts to do her thing. Woronov just turned out to be such a great actress. There’s so much personality that comes through everything she does.

She plays a potential victim who turns out to be smart, charming and a writer as well. At one point though, she abruptly disappears from his apartment after stealing his diary which has the confessions of his murders with his alien death bed. At some point, they meet up again, and she tells him that she wants to work with him, because their work is similar.

pillow talk 4

And in the end, it turns out, she has a man-eating refrigerator.

The tone is all over the place, but sometimes narrative incompetence feels fresh. This is one of the reasons I love B movies. I should hate this episode, but somehow it works.