Pool Sharks

Pool Sharks is about pool hustlers. A mysterious man shows up at a bar with an undertaker who is being fleeced by a sexy brunette. He starts to run the most movie con game ever, but there are undertones of something else happening.

pool sharks 1

Ah forget it. I’m trying to be subtle, but no one else is.

She is a vampire. They telegraph it like George Foreman used to telegraph his punches. They agree to a pool game with each other as the prize. If she wins, she gets him (and you know how) and if he wins he gets her (and you know how). Except he doesn’t know what he’s playing for, but she does unless maybe he does after all-

I got confused. Sorry.

He knows something about her though. See she was in a previous town, and a certain man went missing afterwards. The man was his brother, and what looks like a random meeting turns out to be a chess match. Like the stronger episodes of this series I won’t give it away. But I like this one, and I hate vampires as a rule so that’s saying something.

poolsharks 3