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sleeping dragon 1

Sleeping Dragon is narratively dull, but it is a return to competence at least, something the last few episodes have really been lacking.

sleeping dragon 3

Also the lead actress is just fantastically hot. It’s hard to even coherently write anything else about this episode. Kin Shriner from General Hospital is at least vigorous, Russell Johnson the Professor from Gilligan’s Island plays…a Professor, and who in God’s name is Beth Toussaint?

sleeping dragon 5

To call her an actor is a stretch, she’s more of a special effect, but take Linda Hamilton at her peak and multiply it and you have this woman.

sleeping dragon 4

There is not really a plot. A scientist finds a capsule of sorts and by the time you can say boo, a poorly designed, but well executed (Joe Chiodo rubber suit , with Wayne Toth inside of it) baby T-Rex is eating everyone in sight.