new york honey

Okay John Dods did the makeup for this episode and he directed special effects for the Deadly Spawn another one of my favorite underrated movies, and Spookies, which was a terrible film with good effects that was arresting in its awfulness.

Actor Lewis Stadlen does a great job of providing energy to his role. Its a nice bit of casting that makes some of the dialogue in this show really work. He plays a rather opportunistic man with an insane upstairs scientist neighbor who is raising bees and producing homemade honey.

The honey seems to be an aphrodisiac. (I can’t explain it either.)

They enter a shaky business agreement to sell the honey, (based mostly on extortion) when suddenly a woman appears as the scientist’s partner and he starts getting skittish. Whoever she is, she makes the bees produce more efficiently.

This woman is quite the honey. Jokes and Jokes and Jokes and Jokes!

This woman is quite the honey. Aheh.

But when the scientist upstairs starts opining about the Queen Bee and how all others serve her, and how she eliminates female rivals until she picks a mate who dies after one glorious moment of passion with her, you get where this is going.

The real horror is this outfit.

The real horror is this outfit.