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hollys house 1

I don’t remember ever seeing this one, but it has Ted Gershuny writing and directing. He wasn’t prolific exactly, but he turned out stuff I always was interested in, he was like the poor man’s Dan O’Bannon. Plus its another episode I always hear about.

Holly is a rather large animatronic doll operated indirectly by Catherine, a woman who seems a little unstable. Also, it seems she is pregnant and a man on the show is the father. When he offers to marry her, she claims she can’t leave the dolls.

This is a bad sign.

Also, she’s afraid to grow up. And when no one else is around, Holly talks to her. And apparently Holly doesn’t want her to have a baby. As time goes on, its hard to tell where Holly ends and Catherine begins.

The Iranian Robocop Sequel

The Iranian Robocop Sequel

This all ends exactly how you think its going to end.

hollys house 3

And it gets a little worse.

There are strains of Cronenberg’s The Brood in that both highlight a twisted maternal urge. Also, this episode has great tension, in that you know what’s going to happen, but they stretch it out. It doesn’t change the world, but its a decent episode, which is all I ask from the series.