feverman 1

A man with a sick child goes to visit a faith healer in one of the more well known episodes of the series. He brings with him a dubious doctor named Burke.

The healer is a drunken wreck who demands a high fee and claims to heal people with crystals, which is still a more credible treatment than biofeedback.

So you're here for an abortion, right?

So you’re here for an abortion, right?

The healer seems to take his time, and needs time to gather his nerve. Then he explains that his cures always work…because the first time they don’t, he will die, and the disease in question is a rather vicious fever. The men start to get a bad vibe when they realize that he locks himself in the basement.

They wait upstairs and listen to horrible noises (mostly the soundtrack!) until the doctor cracks and runs downstairs – only to find out that when the Feverman pulls out a disease…he has to fight it.

feverman 3

This series is off to a good start with a good script, consistently good performances and a really original idea. It is a good sign that I don’t want to give away the ending of a twenty six year old episode.