By now you have to know who number one is. Right?


We all know who is the best. We’ll throw out names of other artists that are more popular, but in the back of our head, like a guilty conscience, there’s one that rises above the rest, even when we don’t want him to.


If you are a real hip-hop fan, then you read the list (and disagreed with most of the stuff) and checked off the names mentally and then you realized at some point that he wasn’t on there, and you knew where this was all going.


Sometimes other guys seemed cooler. It’s hard to top Pac’s image, but even though you know the lifestyle is fake, the imagery is arresting at times. And he doesn’t do that in the least bit. And so that’s hard. You want to picture yourself a certain way, surrounded by beautiful girls and dirty money (or dirty girls and beautiful money) or whatever it is. You don’t fantasize about being a pacifist vegetarian. Many rappers aspire to be gangsters. He was proud of being a teacher, a position consistently debased in America.


I’ve heard all of art described as Apollonian or Dionysian. The Apollonian is cerebral, cool, restrained and designed to elevate. The Dionysian is the base, the raw, the emotion. Those are the choices. You can go to the opera and listen to a Henry Purcell libretto, or Maurice Ravel or you can (could) go to the juke joints by the Delta and stomp your feet to Junior Kimbrough or T-Model Ford. Art makes you choose.


The funny thing is… he doesn’t. At times brilliant, at times passionate, he remains the bridge between Apollo and Dionysius, a nearly impossible task. And even great artists have periods of particular inspiration and as time goes on, most of it fades. But the single he released last year to me was utterly fascinating. All wax, no wane.


“ – turn the page, the present world age began 3114 BC
According to the Mayan calendar, this age concludes December 21st 2012 AD
This 5125 years cycle of calm is one world age, nothing changes overnight, it’s all a process, a transition, it happens over many days
In the Mayan calculation a K’in, is one day, the Mayan Winal, that’s 20 days
the Tun is 360 days, a K’atun is 7200 days, the B’ak’tun is 144,000 days
And they applied that to the Milky Way
In the cycles they saw the sun, moving across the Milky Way’s equator
Lining up with other galactic neighbors
We’ve been shifting for 30 years it seems from 1980 to about 2016
The shift is now, it’s occurring now, but if you’re learning from the movies you won’t know how

to survive, or stay alive after the storm
Cause after that a new world order is born
Oh, you don’t know, man? About they programs?
You still watching Lindsay, you don’t see that low hand?
Let go, man, the flood is coming
Don’t be scared, get prepared, keep your motor running…
Yep, it’s all mass control, here’s the philosophy, Cortés knew about the Aztec prophecy
Before he invaded their society, He studied their cultural psychology
He knew they had armor, guns, and steeds, So he arrived in the Aztec year 1-Reed
That’s the year Quetzalcoatl
Was prophesized to return from exile in fact
Cortés played out the Aztec myth and took away those people’s will to resist
Cortés played on religious beliefs and blinded the Aztecs, cause he was a thief
Look, the Yucatan, that’s a Mayan book of cycles
It lets the Mayans know when the Gods are gonna strike you
In fact, every 13 K’atuns you see the Mayans were visited with a catastrophe
So every 200 and 56 or 7 years the Mayan people lived with this fear
So on the island of Tayasal now Flores the Spanish came armed with this knowledge
They knew according to the Mayan heavens that the next cycle was 1697
So as the Mayans stood there fixed on the heavens the Spanish showed up with all of their weapons, March 13th, 1697, the Mayan people learned a terrible lesson
Your fears and tears are used against you cause 80% of world control is mental
But back to the Mayans, they getting some more 257 years after Tayasal
A US-backed coup overthrows their democracy in 1954
That’s exactly 257 years from when the Spaniards arrived at their shores
I’m getting to the core of the lesson Lets see what happens in 2211-“