Snoop Dogg – Overall 83

(Flow 7.5, Lyrics 7, Distinctiveness 9, Charisma 10, Consistency 10, Longevity 9, Punchlines 7, Subject Matter 6.5, Quality 7, Influence 10)

Snoop Dogg is like Guile from Street Fighter, he’s literally good at everything, but not the best in any particular quality. Still, you can do an awful lot with Guile and you can do an awful lot with Snoop. He can maintain his flow on pretty much anything. I could bang two pot lids together and Snoop could work over it. Also Snoop is savvy enough to have a really incredible band which means that he gives you a better live experience than most hip-hop artists. In fact, his presence makes you not the notice how experimental Snoop is, taking bits and pieces from all sorts of styles to stay fresh.

A reggae album? Nothing weird about that.

The great thing about writing a Snoop article is that I don’t have to give you a lot of information about his career, because you already know. Between his charisma and his business smarts, Snoop is in everything. Everyone loves him, even people that don’t like each other. Snoop shows up at a Cowboys game, a Lakers game, a Heat game and a Patriots game, throws his arm around an athlete and call him “nephew” and no one bats an eye.

He guests on songs, TV shows, toasters, movies. He somehow appeals to everyone. I have a 50-something white female friend that spotted Snoop Dogg, interacted with him, took pictures and proudly brandished them everywhere. That’s right, a Crip-affiliated, tall, gangster rapper with a criminal record and one catalogued body, and she felt as comfortable with him as a pair of old slippers. That is pretty extraordinary.

The single most important quality I found when putting this list together is distinctiveness. Do I have to be told who the rapper is without them saying their name every time? Snoop passes the test.

I can’t say he’s ever blown me away, but he’s never let me down. When you combine his impeccable delivery, a style that seems to include his own language, and a huge piece of rap history, you can see why he made our list.

But Snoop was #11. Kinda makes you wonder who our top ten is, doesn’t it?