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In the middle of the overblown Paula Deen scandal (My God, a middle-aged Southern woman is kinda racist! Stop the presses!) I was more interested in another tidbit that came up, Deen’s ardor for a restaurant in Atlanta named Pittypat’s Porch. Pittypat’s has been operating since 1967 and replicates a plantation atmosphere. One highlight for many is the wait staff, a uniformly black crew who dresses up as slaves.

I was stunned.

“Who would do that,” I said to Tom. We all debase ourselves for a buck, but that freefall has to end somewhere, right? What black person would dress as a slave to make their bills?


Well, I couldn’t help thinking of that when R-Son the Voice of Reason, forwarded me this humiliating interview of scholar Reza Aslan done by Lauren Green. It’s the sort of content I expect from Fox, but to see a black person participating in it made me cringe.

First of all, there is no media organization that does more damage to the portrayal of minorities or the issues that affect them than Fox News. Aside from offering laughably skewed “news,” Fox News is only a step about Univision in terms of salaciousness. Their female anchors and hosts are expected to be pretty, leggy and intellectually vacuous enough to be non-threatening or ‘pleasant.’ Don’t believe me? Google any Fox News female anchor and the term ‘legs’ and you’ll see a variety of high heel, short skirts, and oddly accommodating furniture. It’s not an accident. Women at Fox News are expected to do the stroll.

Hard news, ladies and gentlemen!

Hard news, ladies and gentlemen!

Green not only participates in this, (which sadly is not a unique millstone around the neck of attractive women in the workplace) but she serves as the black face for someone else’s agenda. She is the token minority (like Herman Cain) that allows racists to claim that they’re not racist. It is the most damaging of roles.

In this case, she makes the argument that only a Christian can write about Christ, apparently unaware that half of the Bible was written by Jews. It’s an insane precedent that supercedes study and education and replaces it with mere participation. What if a psychiatrist writes a book about suicide? Is he supposed to at least attempt it to have credibility?

Why is a former Miss America contestant with a Music Degree telling a PHD of religion that he is not qualified to write a book about God? Isn’t it sort of unfair to your audience to leave out the fact that Aslan is married and has two children with a white Christian woman? Is it sad that one channel has so demonized a religion that I have to mention that?

There is nothing sadder than a black person who has utterly lost their identity, completely unaware of what happens when the tide turns on them (see Simpson, O.J.). Sadly Ms. Green will be replaced by perky blonde at some point in the near future, as Fox News will not tolerate women of a certain age for long. And after all, she has served her purpose.