We’ve been keeping an eye on the George Zimmerman case. You kind of thought we’d forget if you waiting a while. But it’s a big deal to us. We aren’t going to let this go.

We want to know something about all of you.

We want to know if it’s okay to kill our kids. We want to know if you’ll do anything about it, or if we have to. You kind of blew this one.

You let some guy with no credentials ride around the neighborhood with a gun, randomly picking on people he didn’t like. Its funny, the year before, he had no problem calling the police 50-60 times and staying in his car, but when he saw a tall skinny teenager, he got a swell of courage.

He chased a kid down, despite the cops telling him not to. He cornered him with a weapon. And apparently, it’s a key point if Trayvon decided to fight back with his fists. That’s right, the same gun nuts that want you to be able to carry around assault rifles in case something ever happens, can’t understand why a terrified teenager might have struck back against a scary man with a gun following him.

Then you blamed him.

He smoked weed.

He got suspended.

He was wearing a hoodie. A hoodie in the rain, may I add.

You know what’s funny?

When they had the Occupy Movement, I remember college students getting beaten by police. One got pepper sprayed right in the face. There was outrage. That college cop got fired.

Those kids didn’t have jobs. It looked like they smoked a lot of weed. But that didn’t matter. They weren’t supposed to be treated like that, and people weren’t going to have that.

And we know why you didn’t feel that way about Trayvon.

No one cares when black people die. Seriously. I can prove it.

Since 1976, when a white person dies, someone is executed 77% of the time. When a black person dies? 15%. In cases where a white person kills a black person (excluding cases where people of multiple races die simultaneously) we have killed 20 white men since 1976. When a black man kills a white person? We have killed 260 of them. Our lives are worth less in the legal system, regardless of state.

When Zimmerman gunned down Trayvon Martin, he didn’t even spend the night in jail. He took a life, and they didn’t even treat him with the same gravity that they do drunk drivers. They didn’t arrest him for 44 days.

Coincidentally, his dad was a judge. But that doesn’t matter, right?

We watching this half-hearted prosecution and trial. It’s very important, you see. It’s about the rule of law.

Martin’s parents went straight to the authorities. They didn’t take matters into their own hands. They nagged the system until something happened. And if the system fails them here, an entire country of black people will know that its open season on their children, and that no policeman, no judge, no courtroom will help them.

Letting George Zimmerman walk will undermine the rule of law. It tells every lunatic that they can take their guns and go after every kid that looks like he doesn’t belong in their neighborhood for whatever reason, and all they have to do is to go to court and say that at the last minute the kid fought back, and hell, he was kinda scary anyway.

But actually it’s even worse than that.

Been to Chicago lately?


New Orleans?

Let me put it this way, these kids aren’t walking around waiting to be shot. They shoot back. A lot. George Zimmerman was lucky enough to a young man that didn’t carry a gun. The next vigilante might not be. And I bet you that kid won’t be getting a successful ‘Stand Your Ground’ defense. I suspect they’ll do a couple nights in jail too.

There’s too much riding on Florida getting it right, and Florida usually jacks stuff like this up. Just ask Al Gore. But they have to get it right this time. They have to.

After all… we’re watching.