I love working with Tom. But I didn’t get a chance to read his article yesterday and when I checked the page today, I found an article where he’s complaining about the treatment of Ben Affleck .

The official Tom and Tom symbol for disapproval.

The official Tom and Tom symbol for disapproval.

Ben Affleck.

Has anyone gotten more of a free ride than Ben Affleck? Matt Damon and Ben Affleck finally broke through with Good Will Hunting. Time revealed that Damon was a major star with talent and range that could carry franchises by himself, and that Affleck was good at playing louts from Boston. Inexplicably, Hollywood kept trying to work with Affleck. Phantoms, Armageddon, 200 Cigarettes, Dogma, Bounce, Changing Lanes, Daredevil, Gigli, Paycheck, Man About Town, Clerks, The Town, and that’s not even all the stinkers!

They kept paying him. He dated actresses, rode Bentleys and he stank up film after film. He got treated like an A list star even though he’d never earned it. He subjected us all to Boston movie after Boston movie because his acting range is roughly as wide as Keanu Reeve’s.

And then when it was all said and done, he became a director, but on one condition. He had to star in every movie he shot. The Academy responded subtly by nominating him for Best Film, but not Best Director or Best Actor. But we have years to look forward to, of Affleck becoming our generation’s Kevin Costner.


Jenn Garner WAS hot. Now she's a mom. Game over man. Game over.

Jenn Garner WAS hot. Now she’s a mom. Game over man. Game over.

In other news, Anne Hathaway was incredible, but so were Hugh Jackman, Sacha Baron Cohen, and Helena Bonham Carter. If Russell Crowe hadn’t had to sing, he would have been more effective. Les Mis boasted fantastic performances, and as a musical, I suppose it was successful, but as a film it was a failure. It relied heavily on exposition, and the songs undermined the tone of the scenes.

No one is beating Daniel Day-Lewis at any role he chooses to do. You are not out working the guy. He’s a bulked up version of Dustin Hoffman. Once I learned that he lived in the woods for six months to prep for Last of the Mohicans, I knew where his career path was going to go.

Ang Lee got trashed for making the Hulk film. Ever since then, he’s been delivering the hits. It’s great to see it didn’t hurt his illustrious career.

Can’t believe Tom isn’t recognizing Django Unchained as one of the most savvy scripts out there. Tarantino walks an incredible tightrope, handling racial issues that almost no one else could and manipulating the audience in a way that few filmmakers ever have. You gasped, you laughed, you cheered, and you gripped your chair and none of it happened when you expected to.

Great to see Dame Shirley Bassey. Better performer now then most singers in the audience. Or pretty much anywhere.

Michelle Obama. Awesome. The bangs worked this time.

Ben Affleck.

Jesus, Tommy.