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The main reason Tom and I feel this site works is because, while we share a lot of similar interests, we have completely different perspectives on a lot of things. That’s why I was glad to see him respond to my article with a passionate and valid argument against Ben Affleck, and I thought it was a kick to see Mr. Lee’s judgmental eyes looking at me when I checked the site today.

No matter where I go, Spike Lee's judgment still follows me.

No matter where I go, Spike Lee’s judgment still follows me.

I feel I’ve got to clarify something: I don’t disagree with any of Tom’s points about Affleck. He’s made more than his share of craptastic films over his career, and he isn’t a great actor by any stretch of the imagination.


However, he was still the bomb in Phantoms, yo.

My defense of Mr. Affleck was not because I think he’s the shit; but rather because he clearly deserved to be recognized for his talent behind the camera for Argo, in spite of his bad acting/movies. If you’re giving someone an award, that should be based on the merit, and to intentionally thumb your nose at someone because of what he did in the past feels wrong. I was really sticking it to The Academy for snubbing him, even if it came off another way.

I’m sure Affleck will get another shot at the Oscar for Best Director, because –  no matter how you feel about him as an actor – he’s a GREAT director. Every movie he’s directed so far has been great. Not good, but great. He’s found his calling, and all it took was the specter of crippling failure to bring out his best work.

The problem is that, in the politics driven world of Hollywood, he will receive that Oscar for a film that is not as good as this one, thereby snubbing a more deserving director and film down the line. And the vicious cycle will continue to perpetuate itself as it has for so long, with actors and films that are mediocre snatching the honors from better people and films due to glad-handing and political manipulation.

Tell the truth: Which of these roles should Denzel Washington really have gotten Best Actor for?

Tell the truth: Which of these roles should Denzel Washington really have gotten Best Actor for? (Both is an acceptable answer.)

All I’m saying is that, when these awards come along, we should put any politics aside and give the honors to people that deserve them. We all had to suffer through Daredevil. I’m not bitter.

By the way: Mom or not, I’m sure every straight male member of The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences would swap Jennifer Garner for the flabby bags of wrinkle they had to lug to last night’s awards in a New York minute. This was her last night:


“I’d still smash.”
Hawk Koch, President of The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences