test-screenUsually, Tom and I like to have fun here. It is a place to lampoon the ridiculousness of our post-racial society, and we pride ourselves on making you laugh. Unfortunately, the recent events from Sandy Hook Elementary School yesterday were no laughing matter.

It was a tragedy, the likes of which we’ve not seen before, yet have seen all too often.

And, while this may not be the right place to talk about such an event, and what should occur in its aftermath, we were unable to look away, unable to continue with business as usual, without saying something.

So, that’s exactly what we did.

Tomorrow, we will move on from this, get back to being the jerks we usually are, get back to laughter. However, for the families and the community affected by this senseless act, the classmates who saw their friends die at such a tender age, and the parents who will never hug their children again, this moment is burned onto their psyche forever. They will take years to heal, to move on, but they will never be whole again.

For one day, I wanted them to know we were with them.