It gets hard to write about people universally understood to be among the best. Queen may have been the greatest rock band of them all, especially live, and May contributed by co-writing the majority of the songs and contributing vocals as well. Estimates of their sales vary between 150-300 million records, and some of the largest tours ever performed.

Through it all is May, playing with his trademark Red Special (constructed from his family’s fireplace mantle), firing solos often with ping pong or multiple delays, changing tempos, keys and feels effortlessly. But just because he makes it look easy, doesn’t mean it is.

Other guitarists play faster, something that occasional Internet guitar snob will mention. It is a preposterous complaint. By himself Brian May is a virtual orchestra. It nearly impossible to figure out how many people Queen has influenced musically, also it is difficult to indicate how soundtracks and side projects May has done that people have heard and don’t realize.

He told us years ago that ‘We Will Rock You.’ He lived up to his promise.