Page is a true legend, a rather versatile player who helped invent Heavy Metal, and crafted some of the biggest songs in the English language. His playing encompasses strains of country, skiffle, blues, folk and any combination thereof. Generally guitarists that create great riffs aren’t as strong in other areas, but Page is a legendary lead player (if streaky), an under-appreciated rhythm player, and a dynamite song writer.

Early on as a session player, Page got to play with The Who, The Rolling Stones, The Kinks, Van Morrison, Marianne Faithfull, Joe Cocker and Roy Harper and he was just getting started. Later on, he became a Yardbird with Jeff Beck, and subsequently formed Led Zeppelin. Along the way, he became a rather good producer as well.

Zeppelin was better than people think, and people think they’re great. Their albums run a wide swatch of styles and textures, showing Page’s incredible range. Zeppelin was not subtle, and in fact their ham-fisted renditions of funk and especially blues is part of why a player like Page is only #17, but there were substantially more positives than negatives.

Also, credit has to be given to the guitarist that can also structure and write a song. Page is one of those players, and quite rightfully he will never be forgotten.