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Every so often, something on TV, in the news or in our every day travels will compel us to express our thoughts, but does not necessarily merit an entire article. For these moments, Black Like You will run a series entitled One-Offs –  a random collection of thoughts and ideas with a common theme. For the first, here are my thoughts on Hurricane Sandy.

– After watching his performance during the storm, I have to do something I loathe to do: Praise the governor of my home state. Chris Christie might be a loud, cartoonish bully most of the year, but when the moment demanded it, he came through in a big way, so props.

-On that note, someone tell Rush Limbaugh to shut the hell up while grown folks are trying to handle serious business. That goes double for Mike “Heckuva Job” Brownie,  who botched the Katrina response so badly that New Orleans still has not fully recovered from it. Thankfully, Brian Williams did exactly that. More props.

– While I didn’t think Atlantic City mayor Lorenzo Langford deserved to be chewed out by the governor during the crisis, he was obviously on something when he decided that the best place for his constituents to camp out was at a school not even half a mile from the ocean during an obvious flood situation.

Must be some powerful shit, too.

-Mitt Romney has once again proven that his empathy gland was never properly installed in the lab where he was built when he “cancelled” his campaign rally during the storm –  then held it anyway, but called it a “storm relief” event, wherein he had his staff buy canned goods, and hand them to his supporters – only to have them handed back to him in front of cameras. It was a stunt that even Karl Rove would think twice about, and all the reason anyone needs to not vote for the guy.

-A woman gave birth to a baby during the hurricane, by candlelight in a bathroom. Why this is a news story is anyone’s guess: Women do that now when there isn’t a crisis happening. A thousand sitcom episodes have had a similar premise.

-After being grazed by Irene, rocked by a derecho and hit by Sandy, people in New Jersey have to start to wonder what we did to piss off God.

– Finally, This last thought is from my partner, Tom 1(there, it’s settled) before the hurricane first hit:

“Soo… as the freaky snowstorm/hurricane approaches, is there anyone that still has a question about global warming, or can we finally, FINALLY, put that to rest?”

We can only hope.