This isn’t the usual crap list of the same 10 guys. Feelings are going to get hurt.

And we’re not just going to say that they’re great, we’re actually going to tell you why they’re great.

There will be videos and clips too, because I get into trouble when I write too much.

How do you measure the greatest? Part of it is influence. If you playing sent a thousand kids to the woodshed, then that’s part of it. Part of it is popularity. I’ve seen some of the best guys out there in dive bars, but local legends don’t (and can’t) count. And of course, they have to be able to flat out play.

Even guys I like didn’t make the cut. “Fast” Eddie Clarke, Steve Stevens, Johnny Marr and Eric Gale got left out, but it hurt. There was a tip of the hat to Scotty Moore, Slash, Dick Dale and Carlos Santana. Brian Setzer is perennially underrated and was actually #21.

And yeah, I left off Eric Clapton, because he can’t play rhythm guitar at all. I mean AT ALL. So sit back enjoy, or flame our comment section. Next week, its on.