A little over one week from now, we will know who the next President of the United States will be. We will also know, without a shadow of doubt, whether the post-racial America we all like to believe we live in truly exists or not. Make no mistake, this election has nothing to do with the economy, same-sex marriage, Obamacare, the Afghanistan War or the War on Women.

This election is all about race.

Yeah, I said it.

That’s a pretty controversial statement, and I’m sure most people won’t agree, but before anyone decides to roast me for it, consider the following:

While President Obama has been far from perfect, and has made a few missteps as Commander-in-Chief, there is no doubt that he has done several good things as well. The much-criticized Affordable Care Act will ensure that no man or woman will have to lose their home because of illnesses.

His loathed stimulus package kept the country from slipping into economic chaos. His much-lambasted foreign policy has made America safer, both by restoring our reputation abroad and by targeting our true enemies – Terrorists like the now-deceased Osama bin Laden.

Yet, no matter how much good the president does, his decisions are still roundly criticized by pundits from both sides of the aisle. As Tom (I’ve decided we are Tom 1 and Tom A – but which is which?) pointed out, most of the criticisms of the president don’t even hold up at face value.

He hasn’t enjoyed majority popularity at any point in his presidency, save the first 24 hours. During his inauguration, a major cable news network (I’ll leave you to guess which one) ignored the historic event, instead focusing on the departure of his failed predecessor, A man who caused many of the problems Obama is now being blamed for.

No president could have undone the economic damage done to the economy during the Bush years in one term, and the policies Obama put in place stopped the country from collapsing further into depression, even as the GOP was united in making sure Obama failed from day one. It’s an argument the Obama team has been making for years, and they were unable to get any traction with it – that is, until the DNC, when this guy said it:


“Barack Obama has done the best he can. Now, which of you ladies wants to get drunk and make some bad decisions with me?”

Also, for the first time I can remember, there was a sustained campaign to invalidate Obama’s historic election by implying that the President was not born in this country, and was therefore unqualified to be president.

Let’s focus on the last statement for a moment: A large number of American citizens still believe that the President is unqualified to be president, even after he presented his birth certificate. TWICE. Millionaire, publicity hound and comb-over master Donald Trump issued a challenge to the president to prove he was an American (again) as recently as LAST WEEK.

Now, take a brief look at President Obama’s opponent, the man who has seriously challenged the president, Mitt Romney.


We’re Done.

There’s nothing more to discuss, because Mitt Romney doesn’t stand for anything. In the past 7 years he’s been running for president, he’s pandered to every group imaginable, making statements on the record that directly contradict other statements he’s made on the record.

When he criticizes Obamacare, he forgets that the individual mandate it contains is straight from his own health care plan as Governor of Massachusetts. He’s consistently maintained that his business experience with Bain Capital has made him an expert in job creation, while forgetting that Bain Capital’s business model was actually more like this:

And lest we forget, he consistently speaks of his care and concern for the American people and the middle class, yet in a private fundraiser (that may as well have been an audition for America’s Next Top Plutocrat), he said this:

If this election were truly a referendum on the issues, Mitt Romney wouldn’t stand a chance. So, how is this man, an empty suit who will say anything to anyone to get elected, running neck and neck with the President? Alec Baldwin offered this opinion on the subject:

https://i0.wp.com/gossip-celebrity-news.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/alec-baldwin.jpg“…..(Barack) Obama is still someone that many Americans have chosen to withhold their deepest feelings of admiration and affection for, in spite of the fact that he got bin Laden’s scalp, contributed to saving the US auto industry (at least for now), and coughed up his birth certificate to silence all of that Swift-boating, election-nullifying trash out there. He appears to be a very bright, sober, hard-working, deeply caring man. A husband and father.

Obama is lean of frame and square of jaw and loves his country, too. Obama and Romney even share some opinions on matters of urgent domestic policy. Yet, in some people’s eyes, Obama lacks something.

I wonder what that could be?”

Ooh, Ooh, I know!