It’s finally time.

I could care less who you vote for. But I learned a lot about my country in the last four years, and mostly because of how people reacted to this man.

The conversation about Barack Obama has been interesting, and this week we’re going to talk about it. And we’re going to tell the truth. Its going to piss people of, but I can’t help that.

One way is a series we’ll call “Yeah, I said it.” We’re going to talk about Obama’s strengths, his weaknesses, what he taught us about ourselves, and we’ll tell the truth. He isn’t a Messiah, he never was, and it wasn’t fair to make him out to be one. But what is he then, and what does that mean for us?

Why not a Mitt Romney week?

That’s easy. I don’t relate to him. I can’t fathom his life. I didn’t have the advantages in life that he had. I didn’t get things handed to me. I didn’t get to run corporations, or make the large scale decisions he did, and I certainly don’t know how to make $12 million in income during a year that I didn’t even work. Even with empathy, I try to write what I know, and I don’t know Mitt Romney.

I do know what its like to be hated. I know what double standards are like. I understand bias, and frustration, and hard times. I understand it sucks to be the first black man to do anything. And that’s what I’m going talk about. I don’t choose to in my everyday life, because there’s only a handful of people that even know what it’s like. But for one week, we’ll explain it.