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There has always been a place in comics for risque “bad girl” series, and that sensibility is reflected in B movies and in television. The tradeoff with entertainment like this is that it is usually brainless fluff. Mantra was a clever bad girl series that would translate well to the small screen.

Mantra details a thousand year plus battle between the evil Boneyard and the sorcerer Archimage. The battle is fought by a roundtable of knights and when they fall in battle, their soul was simply put into another body and the fight continued. One of the more notable knights was named Lukasz. Archimage is betrayed, captured, and the repricussions lead to most of the knights permanently dying, the order being broken, and Lukasz being trapped in a body he can’t get out of.

A woman’s body.

Lukasz has relied on physical strength for centuries. He has used and discarded women. And now he is Eden Blake, divorced mother of two. Blake comes from a bloodline that allows Lukasz to develop powers of his own, but they all relate to finesse which isn’t his strong point. All of the people he reencounters from his previous life sort of want to sleep with him. And he will have to team up with the man who killed him.

Mantra doesn’t take itself too seriously, and it is a cheesecake comic after all, but its concept separates it from the rest of the pack. I can’t imagine how engaging this series would be with deft writing and say – Rhona Mitra in the lead.

That’s the wrong costume! But… we’ll allow it.